Introduction: Spooky Halloween Chargers.

Weather you're hosting a fancy dinner party a family get together or a simple dinner, these chargers are sure to get a stir out of your guests.

You can place them on your table or place them anywhere around the house for spooky ambience.


Step 1: What You'll Need

    Tools and Equipment needed.

    • 6 charger plates $1.00 each at the Dollar store
    • Glue stick 4 for $1.00 at the Dollar store
    • Sand paper 220 grit $1.00 in a pack from the dollar store
    • Can of black spray paint $.96 cents from Walmart.
    • Can of primer $.96 cents at Walmart (any color but darker works better)
    • Can of clear coat spray
    • Masking tape $4.00 from Walmart.
    • Halloween graphics-cost of paper and ink, or use ready made die cut images from craft store.
    • Razor knife ( I had laying around )

    Step 2: Template Foundation

    First you'll need to wash and dry the chargers,

    Apply the masking tape to the entire face of the charger, starting from one side to the other overlapping the tape about 1/4 inch. ( Take care to press out all the wrinkles and bubbles from the tape you need it nice and smooth )

    Now cut your template to the approximate size so it fits into the base of the charger, use the glue stick on the back side of the template, and glue the template to the tape.

    Use your razor knife to cut out the template, (use enough pressure to cut through the tape but try not to cut into the charger).

    Once you have completely cut along the edge of the template gently lift the a corner of the tape (you may need to use the knife to lift the tape) carefully peal all the tape up leaving you with a stencil.

    Step 3: Paint & Prep

    I used 220 grit sandpaper to rough up the surface, then wiped it down with a clean microfiber cloth to remove any/all dust.

    I put 2 coats of ruddy brown primer down waiting about 10 minutes in between coats, I let those dry for about 30 minutes then sprayed 3 coats of flat black over the top with a dry time of about 5 minutes in between those.

    (If you want the paint to build up spray the first coat from 18 inches away so it start to dry up before it hits the surface).

    I waited for the paint to dry another 30 minutes and pealed the tape pieces off.

    Step 4: Finishing Up

    I let the paint dry for 48 hours then sprayed them with a gloss clear coat, after I noticed a little bit of chipping.

    I think they turned out better with the clear coat.

    Thanks for looking, If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in
    the comments section below.

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