Introduction: Spoons

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Spoons is an extremely fun party game that, unlike monopoly, does end in much conflict.

Step 1: Materials

A deck of cards

People to play with

Some objects that can be easily grasped (You will need one less then the number of people playing)

A table would make this game more enjoyable.

Step 2: How to Play

Gather materials. Get all your participants to sit close enough to each other to where they can easily hold hands. Place your objects in the center of the group to were everyone can grab at least one of the objects. The objective is; by the end of the round to have one of the objects or to get 4 of the same number valued card. For example: Ace of clubs, Ace of spades, Ace of hearts, and Ace of diamonds.

To start the game, get the deck of cards and give every participant 4 cards. They can never keep more then 4 cards at a time. One person will start out with the remainder of the deck by their hand. They will pick up one card, look at it and keep that card, and pass another card down. Or pass down the card they just picked up (keeping in mind you are trying to get the same valued cards). So if you have 2 kings and pick up another one, you will want to keep that king so you have three kings. Continue passing the cards around the group and form another pile at the end of the line.

Once you get four of a kind, grab one of the objects. Once somebody grabs an object, It's everybody job to get one too, regardless if they have four of a kind. Sense their is one less object then the number of people playing somebody will not get an object, they will be out. To reset the game gather all the cards and shuffle them, then give everyone 4 cards again. Take away one of the objects to account for the lost player. You do not always have to show every one that you took the object, you can slowly take it and see how long it takes for every one to notice it's gone.

Step 3:

I hope you enjoy! This is game tough to me by a close friend of mine, I have noticed that not very many people have heard of this game. I hope many people learn how to play, and enjoyed my tutorial. If you have any comments than please share with me, this is in fact my first Instructable and I'm eager to learn how to do better.

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