Introduction: Spray Paint Art

Spray paint art. You see the Youtube videos about it and see it on the street, and you are always impressed. Do you ever want to make it yourself? With this tutorial, you can make it with ease.

Here is a video of me making my painting. You can get the basic idea of how to make the paintings by watching this video. For each step in more detail, just go through each step of this Instructable.

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need:

A covered, well ventilated work surface

Spray paint (I used navy blue, light blue, green, black, and white)

Poster board

Glossy magazine paper


A round object the size you want your planet to be (I used an old cookie dough tub)

Step 2: Prepare

I started by taking a small craft table and covering it with newspaper. This kept the paint off the table. Then I cut the large sheet of posterboard into an 11’’ by 14’’ rectangle. Next, I taped the posterboard (with the glossy side up) to the table. I shook all my paint cans, then was ready to paint.

Step 3: Making the Planet

When making the planet, you need to decide what colors you want to use. I used navy blue, light blue, green, and white. The colors I put down first were the colors that were most visible. So when making your planet, add the colors in the order that you want the planet to appear. If you want a blue planet with green land, add blue before green. In conclusion, what color you put first, there will be the most of. What color you put last, there will be the least of.

I put all my colors down on top of each other in a circle that was LARGER than I wanted my planet to be. While the paint was still wet, I took magazine paper and pressed it down onto the wet paint. You want to apply a medium to light pressure when doing this. When you pull the magazine paper up off the wet paint, you will have the texture of your planet. If it didn’t turn out the way you had hoped for, just add some more paint and try again. If the texture doesn’t cover the whole area of paint, just use the paper again.

Now that you have a color blob that will soon be a planet, you need to shade it to look round. I added black just to the bottom of the planet and white to the top of the planet. Now all you have to do is place a round object on top of where you want the planet to be.

If any of this is confusing, just watch the video to get the idea.

Step 4: Dark Out the Background

I just took my black paint and covered almost the whole background. I left an area at the bottom to make rocks.

Step 5: Make the Rocks

I took my white spray paint and covered the white area that I left empty (from the previous step). After covering the area with white, I covered the white with black. Next, I took a sheet of magazine paper and used it to blot the rock area at the bottom of the painting. This gave the effect of large rock hills/mountains.

Step 6: Give the Background Some Flare

I created a glow around my planet by taking the white paint and lightly spraying the outside of the planet (the video can show you a lot better than words). I also made stars by spraying the white paint onto my finger until it was dripping, then i flicked the paint onto the background of the painting. This added stars and made the picture look more like space.

Step 7: The Big Reveal

Now all you have to do is take the object that was covering the planet off. This will show you an amazing planet that you created. Now your painting is finished.

Step 8: Make It Your Own

Now you have the basic techniques to make the painting, you can make whatever you want. Do you want three planets? Just make three planets. Do you want other color planets? Just use different color paint. With the basics, you can make so many different space paintings.

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