Introduction: Spray Paint Art : How to Draw a Planet With a Spray Paint

Today I'll show you how to paint a planet with just two spray paints: black and white.


You will also need a bucket lid (the size of the planet will depend on the size of the lid), a long spatula, glossy magazine pages and glossy paper.

Step 1: Step 1: Preparation of Work Area

First step is simple: just prepare your table to work.

Step 2: Step 2: the Circle

Place the lid on the approximate center and circle it with a light movement of spray paint. Then paint the circle white and make a few random movements with black paint.

Step 3: Step 3: the Texture and the Shadow

Before the paint dries you should take a sheet of glossy paper, attach to the half of the circle, iron and gently peel it off. Do so twice and the texture is ready(if somewhere is not printed, just repeat the process). Now we need to make a shadow of the planet. The first time may not work because it is a matter of practice, you need to spend a fat curve in black a little going to the planet.

Step 4: Step 4: Space and Stars

This is the penultimate step. Put the lid on the same place as before and paint everything black-space is ready! To make stars, dry Cosmo and apply white paint on your index and middle fingers and start sprinkling them evenly across the space. As an addition you can make the nebula, just swipe the white paint easily. Now carefully remove the lid and enjoy the result.

Step 5: Step 5: Some Rocks and the Lake

It remains to add mountains and water. For mountains, draw a curved line with white and fill everything below it with black. Without waiting for drying will have to make hard sounding but not difficult thing: Fold the second piece as shown in the picture and smoothing slide zigzag across the territory of the mountains. Now the lake! Put the spatula as shown in the picture and aiming at the spatula draw a line of white-this is the line of the lake. without removing the spatula, draw a line down the center - this is a reflection of the planet. As a bonus I will tell you how to draw a big star: just put the spatula on the edge of the planet and aiming on the spatula draw a short line as a line of the lake, can make 4 or 6 lines, the main thing do not forget spritz in the center of the star. Ready! PS do not forget to sign the picture and hang on the wall;)

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