Introduction: Spray Paint Stencils

Here is a fun hobby to start. I like to spray paint designs on different things. You can use your own photos or uploaded photos.

It's really simple to do. Just read through and try it out. 

If you have any questions don't be afraid to comment below. 

Step 1: Supplies

What you'll need: 

-Cardstock with a black and white print of photo
-Gloves (optional)
-Cutting board
-Spray Paint (any color)
-X-Acto Knife 
-Object to put your design on (I'm using a paper for an example)
-Room to work

Step 2: Cut Out Stencil

Before you even begin, you need to choose what you would like to make a stencil of. Print it out in black and white, this will help make cutting it out a lot easier. If it has a lot of detail, it will be harder. I like to print it out on cardstock because it is less flimsy as normal printer paper and will keep its shape better. 

To begin, all you'll need is the cardstock with the design on it, the X-Acto knife, and the cutting board.
Please be patient! Depending on your design, it may take some time and patience to cut it out.
Sometimes there will be a white spot in the black, if so: cut it out and save it. You can add it on later by using double sided tape. 
Please be careful not to cut yourself. 

Step 3: Spray Paint Time

Next get ready to spray paint. I like to spray paint outside to vent the fumes, but whatever works best for you. 
I lay out newspaper underneath whatever I'm going to spray paint. 
Then I lay out the stencil where I want it to be. 
Lay more newspaper over the rest so it doesn't fly everywhere else. 
During all of this I wear gloves so I don't get spray paint all over myself. 
Shake the spray paint really well, on most cans they say up to 2 minutes... I don't usually shake them that much. 
Spray over your design, you might want to apply pressure around your design as your spraying so it doesn't run underneath your design. 
Let it dry!

Step 4: Your Creation

After it dries you can either: put a coat of clear coat or be done with the spraying. 
Remove the stencil and reveal your work. 
If it does not turn out the way you wished, practice makes perfect. 
If you find another way of making this easier, comment below for others. 

Enjoy spray painting! :)