Introduction: Spring Butterfly Face Paint

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Inspired by Ashley Pickin from the "Spring & Easter" Face Cards Collection, this springtime butterfly is definitely worth being in full bloom!

Step 1: Step by Step

This is more of a complicated design, but this step by step process makes it all worth it!

1) I began with the butterfly wings, starting with the top wings. I used Light Blue from the Pretty Baby Rainbow Cake (Silly Farm)

2) Then, I completed the butterfly body with the bottom wings. I used Orange and Yellow from the Juicy Fruit Rainbow Cake (Silly Farm)

3) Then, I used a dark blue shadow (Chaos from Urban Decay Electric Shadow palette) to the tops of the butterfly wings, then I painted a one stroke rainbow across the forehead, using the True Rainbow Arty Brush Cake.

4) Then, I used Light Green from the Moonlight Rainbow Cake from Silly Farm to paint the stems for the flowers.

5) Using white, I added a few patches of clouds to the blue top wings.

6) Then, I used a mix of white, purple, and dark pink to add the flowers on either side of the face.

7) Finally, I used white again to paint the butterfly body, antennae, outlined the wings, and added a dress-up of dots and details.

8-9) Now, it's time to let your hair down and take in the springtime atmosphere!

Step 2: Done!

Sit back and enjoy this gallery of my finished springtime butterfly! Thanks Ashley Pickin for creating this adorable masterpiece!

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