Introduction: Spring Clamp Phone Holder

Some time ago I have needed phone holder that can be fastened to a crib or other furniture. I had no time to look for it in shops, so I decided to use what I already have:

  • Spring clamp.
  • CCTV wall camera mount with 1/4'' thread.
  • Mobile holder attachment for tripod.

Tools I used:

  • Cordless drill with 5 mm drilling bit.
  • Pair of pliers.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Adhesive tape.

Step 1:

The way to make it is quite obvious. So just a few comments. First of all in my clamp there was a web inside the jaws, that I removed with wire cutters. To make it easier I fastened handles with adhesive tape.

Step 2:

Then I removed flange from camera mount, drilled a hole in the clamp and assembled it all together.
Not a big project but it may be handful in some cases.

Actually I made two holders. The first one I use at home to show cartoons to my babies on the phone or to set the phone as a baby monitor when the little one is sleeping. The second one (that is shown here) I made to make clips in workshop.