Introduction: Spriting Made Easy!!!!!!!

This is a guide to spriting. It will center around spriting pokemon, but you can follow the same steps for spriting other things. This one is covering the basics. It looks simple, but don't just turn away from this.

Step 1: Finding Your Subjects

Find some pokemon that go well together if you mix them. In this case, we are using a Kabutops and a Metang. I know it might seem impossible to find good sprite to draw on, but has a sprite index so that's a good place to start.

Step 2: 1. Using Paint

Use Paint while spriting
To start your fuzion, decide which sprite will have added parts. To take parts from the other pokemon, hit ctrl+PgUp to zoom in, then use free-form select to cut parts off the one pokemon and drag them to the other.

Step 3: 2. Recolor

Decide which pokemon's colors you would like to use. Use the different shading to match colors. In this case, i made the scythe the color of his nose and the arm the color of the ... blue ... part. ( i know the gray boxes are kinda small )

Step 4: Ta-da

I know i didn't go over the arm, but its just the leg of the kabutops flipped upside-down. You can now sprite pokemon and other things, like getting a kirby sprite and giving him new powers. hope you have fun making sprites and enhancing my directions with new twists.