Introduction: Squash Card

About: Hi all, I am Nithish Arjun from India. I am 10 years old , . Do follow me for innovative projects.. doing projects and crafts like these is my hobby.😁

Squash card is a perfect handmade greeting card to gift your loved ones..


  • Black chart paper
  • scissors
  • design sheets
  • gum
  • photos to stick

Step 1: Square Sheet

Take 3 square sheets of black chart

Crease them diagonally and fold them as shown in pictures

Step 2: Fold the Sheet

Fold the black square sheet as shown .

See the youtube link for folding technique.

Step 3: Make 3 Sets and Decorate!

Repeat the same folding for three sheets and stick them together, and decorate them with any design sheet of your choice .

Then stick photos to make them more special.!!

Handmade greeting cards are always special.

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