Introduction: Squirrel Chasing Robot

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Using a bunch of 3d printed parts, I made a robot to chase squirrels.
First, the nerf barrel (with a squirrel on top) rotates every 30 seconds from left, to center, then to right. If the robot detects a squirrel, stage one is initiated. The robot charges forward then retreats. If the squirrel is still detected, the robot fires a nerf dart toward the offending creature. If the pest persists, the robot blows up a balloon and (using a heated resistor) pops the balloon.

Step 1:

First, there are a lot of parts. I used an Arduino Uno, a motor shield, a robot base (from MakerShed or Amazon), nine AA batteries, two servo motors, a pump motor (vacuum pump,, a motion detector (parallax), a ball bearing (vxb bearings) and many 3d printed parts.

The design and print files for 3d parts can be found at:

You can find someone nearby to print the files using

Step 2:

The software and block diagrams are here.

Step 3:

Start by assembling the robot base.

Step 4:

Add a servo motor to the top plate.

Step 5:

Print the squirrel barrel and paint the squirrel.

Step 6:

Attach the servo mount to the barrel using a soldering iron to weld the parts together. Add the servo motor. It is the release mechanism for the rubber band that fires the nerf dart.

Step 7:

Add a servo horn to the connector. Affix the connector/horn to the servo motor on the top plate.

Step 8:

Add the pump holder and balloon adapter.

Step 9:

Attach the bearing holder and bearing so that they line up with the servo adapter.

Step 10:

Drill a hole through the adapter and nerf barrel. Fasten with a small bolt.

Step 11:

Attach the pir sensor to the nerf barrel. Route the wires so that they will not bind when the assembly rotates.

Step 12:

Add the front warning holder. Print and insert the "No Squirrel" warning.

Step 13:

The "Balloon Popper" is a resistor on a stick. The little pump will not reliably pop balloons (at least I can't find cheap crummy balloons when I want them). After the balloon is inflated, the resistor gets hot and assures a pop.

Step 14:

Put it all together and you will have the most complex, delicate, high tech squirrel repeller available.

Step 15:

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