Introduction: Squishably Safe: a Non-Fabric Unicorn Horn!

When my daughter asked for a unicorn themed birthday party, I confess to feeling some fear. She is at a very headbutt-happy age and midsection organs are hard to replace.
I also did not want to spend a lot of time sewing a tiny plush, cute as they are.
Solution: unicorn horns, NERF style!

This instructable will walk through the outline and introduce one of my favourite crafting materials, foam clay.


- Hat
- Foam Clay ($6 worth is plenty)
- Adhesive (Glue gun, contact cement, or E6000)
- Ribbons
- Scissors
- Magic and possibly glitter

Depending on what materials you already have on hand, this project could run as cheap as $10 a hat.
If you are like me and need a themed accessory to be done in less than 5 mins and dried in less than 24 hours, this is it!

Step 1: Gather Materials (or: How to Keep Your Hands Busy While Watching MLP)

Find a hat that will fit the person you are making this for ^_^
I got a baseball hat at Walmart on sale, but this couls easily work with a cowboy hat, beret, straw hat, etc. I would love to see peoples' creative characters!
The foam clay can be found online on most cosplay sites, you can also check craft stores.
I really only used 7grams or so for this.
All other ribbons and accessory decorations are up to the imagination!

Step 2: Sculpting the Horn

-Make a mark on the outside of the hat where you want the base of the horn to sit.

-Take a golf ball sized pinch of foam clay and roll it into a snake. It should not be sticky at all and is safe to roll on all table surfaces.

-If it starts feeling too dry or starts to crack like stressed clay, dab a drop of water on the area.

-Don't worry if your finer details aren't turning out how you want, once it dries you can go over it with an exacto blade, sandpaper, dremel, or layers of paint.

-To stop it from curving while on the hat, sculpt it and let it sit on a flat surface to dry for at least 8 hours, depending on your home's temperature and humidity.

Step 3: Mane Event 🦄

Time to glue the horn on!

It's also the time to glue on any ribbons you want for the unicorn mane or "ponytail" area.

You can cut or file any extra details on the horn.

Optional step: if you want to colour the horn and keep it's squishy integrity, use fabric paints. 🎨

Step 4: PartyTime

Present the hat to the unicorn!

Snacks are an important step too, magic-making needs alot of sugar.

Thanks for following along in my first Instructable ^_^ hope for many more to come!

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