Introduction: Sreeching Owl Bird House

For bird lovers that want more with there, bird viewing need here's a house to attract a special kinda owl.


power equipment ( drills,saw est. )

10X95in wood plank

1inx12in wood plank

half in wood screws

wood glue

Step 1: Cuts

Messer out 15 in slabs and make 4 pallets and use a saw to cut them and make sure they are all even

With the extra woodcut a 10X10 slab for the bottom

Then the last of the wood will be used later on for the top

Step 2: The Door

You will need to cut a 1 3/4in cut long ways on your pice that you want the door

Make a half-circle that is 4 in diameter on the pice that you want as the front

Make sure everything fit the way you want it to then move on to the next step

Step 3: The Groves and Stands

on the back or inside side of the door make groves that start at the bottom of the door to the top that is one inch apart.

Next cut two planks the size of the door from the 1x12 piece of wood and put a least one an inch from the bottom and an inch from the bottom of the hole you cut out

Drill plat holes two in each piece of wood (use a bit the is smaller the screws groves)

The use the screws and drill them in tight

Step 4: Walls and Bottom

Drill all the side together except for the front (DO NOT DRILL FRONT ON YET)

LIne everything up and drill pilot holes just like we did for the front and drill one at each ends/corners and the middle for extra security

do the same with the bottom just three nails in the middle of each side

Step 5: Point for Door

For the door finding where the pivot point is so testing where the point is the never moves from the same place when you oping the door from the bottom( for us it was 2 in down)

next drill just like you did with the sides ( you might not want to do as tight so it is easier to open the door)

Step 6: The Roof

Take a 10x10 in wood slab and cut out the half from a corner to the other corner

Place in the each of the sides with wood glue to hold it in place and wait for it to dry

Then take a nail gun a pin it down at the back easy and that the front put it at and angle of 90 degrees and shoot it an pin it down at the front

final nail gun the top down and put more nails in it for more security

Step 7: Weather Proof It

Put any weatherproofing spray on there just to keep it intact longer outside