Introduction: Cup Jack Skellington

This will teach you how to make a cute and fun little project for the Halloween season.


two red solo cups

4 ping pong balls

3 fuzzy wires

white paint

sharpy thum tack

hot glue

cutting utensil

Step 1: Cut Your Cup

To make the cups smaller you want to cut on the 3rd line down all the way around.

(too make essayer you a knife to cut into then cup that start cutting with the scissors)

Step 2: Poke Holes in Ping Pong Balls

Use the thumbtack to poke a little hole in the side of all 4 ping pong balls.

Step 3: Painting

You want to use a bigger brush to paint on the white paint. You paint everything on the outside of the cup white but you don't need to on the bottom.

(could need more than one cout of paint)

Step 4: Make Hands and Feet

Take two of your ping pong balls and take your fuzzy wire and put one end in the hole that you made from the thumbtack.

repeat on the other side

make a set of 2

Step 5: Gluing

Put the middle of the wire inbtween the bottom of the cups and hot glue them together with the wire holding inbtween them to represent arms with hands.

For the legs find what you want to be the bottom of the character and put a glob of hot glue at the bottom of the cup than folding the wire in half and place the bent wire into the glue and hold it there to dry.

(can add more glue at the rip of the cup where the leg meat the rip for more support)

Step 6: Make a Face

Finaly add what ever face a suit you want on your cup Jack Skellington.