Introduction: St.Patrick's Day Gold Shamrocks

About: I have been working with gold leaf and gilders for many years. It's a magical craft going back millenia. I love to introduce both adults and kids to the artistry of gilding with all types of leaf!

Step 1: Apply Water-Based Gold Size

Use your craft brush to coat the front of your shamrocks with size and allow to dry, If the shamrock seems porous, apply a second coat and allow to dry. In a few minutes, the size will turn from milky white to clear, which means it’s ready to gild.

Step 2: Applying the Gold Leaf

Spread a couple of gold leaves over your sticky shamrocks. Press down to make sure the leaf makes full contact with the gold size. You’ll see overlaps and wrinkles, this is ok.

Step 3: Clean Up Your Leaf

Step 4: Decorate!

Use a glue stick, double-sided tape or a dab of glue to decorate your pot o’gold, party favors or décor with these cheery, golden shamrocks. Lucky you!

Step 5: