Introduction: Stained Glass Paper

This is a nice easy Instructable for kids and adults! The end results can be displayed on a window (or lit from behind) to show the stained glass look, or as the art on the front of a card.

Step 1: Materials

Watercolour paper (more absorbent than other paper)

Watercolour paints (use liquid paints if you are doing this with your kids!)

Oil (doesn't need to be flash, I used a bit of my cooking oil)


Brushes/eye droppers/cotton buds(Qtip)


Ink and ink brush

Tray (put the paper in the tray if you are doing this with kids - water and oil everywhere otherwise!!)

Step 2: Method 1: Wet Paper

Paint water onto the paper you are working with.

Mix your desired paint colours with water until you are happy with the colour intensity. Watercolour paint does tend to move and dilute with the water on the paper so make it a stronger colour than the one you are after.

Using the tip of the brush/eyedropper/Qtip, drop splashes of colour onto the wet paper.

Repeat until you are happy with the result! The more colours you use the more likely you are to end up with browny patches where the colours mix together - if you don't want this stick with two colours that blend nicely!

Using an dropper or qtip drop oil onto the wet surface. The oil will push the water (and pigment) out of the way as it spreads.

When you are happy with the result, leave it to dry.

Step 3: Method 2: Dry Paper

Use a dropper or Qtip to drip oil onto the paper. Lift the paper and let of the oil run in interesting patterns if you want!

Wait for the oil to soak into the paper then brush clean water over the area and add colour as in method 1.

Leave to dry. If you over apply oil you can daub it off with a tissue.

Excess water can be soaked off the edges with the corner of a tissue.

Step 4: Finish

Once the paper is dry you can use is as is, or apply an ink print to it to add another lay of interest.

Here is a link to my instructable on how to do this:

I have added a girl jumping for joy onto one of the cards I prepared for this Instructable. Not my best work, but gives you the idea!

Make your creations into cards, or just hang them in your window and enjoy the colours!

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