Introduction: Stained Glass Window

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This is a stained glass window I made with copper foil.

I am very proud I managed to organize myself and make a video about it so don't hesitate to watch it and comment on it so we can discuss more!

Working with colored glass is wonderful, and the final result is always amazing,but you always need to be very careful and protect your hands and eyes.

I've always wanted a traditional squared lined window, but couldn't help myself and added some decorative flowers because I like cutting glass freehand to much and I think it brings a soft touch to tough straight lines.

For this project I used some leftover glass I got from a glass shop,you can try finding some in your area, or buy some.I like working with scrap, I don't mind adapting my projects to the materials I have

When light passes through a colored glass into the room,it brightens every space.I love having and making stained glass windows.I encourage anyone who wants to try this technic

This project was made for my upcoming bathroom.It will be a totally handmade space(we build everything from walls and roof,heating and water pipes to windows,sink,bathtub,mosaic floor).Subscribe to our Youtube Channel if you want to see how it will turn out!

Step 1: Materials

The dimension of my window was 70\42cm

Materials required:

Colored glass,I used 10 different colors,3mm thickness

Diamond cutter for glass

Copper Foil, Self-adhesive 6.6 mm wide, 20 m long

a permanent marker

a brush


Soldering Iron (one that reaches a high temperature,the one I used reaches 510°C

Solder(bar or wire\I used both but wire is easier to handle and melts faster)


Acetone thinner

Step 2: Sketch

Create the real size project.Make the lines clear and strong so you can see them through the glass after.

Step 3: Frame

Build a frame on two sides of the project using two wood sticks as long as the sketch.

This will be your start point

Step 4: Marking

Start in the corner where you fixed the frame and mark where the cut will be with the marker on each piece.

Cut the next piece according to what you already built.

Step 5: Cutting

When you cut with the diamond cutter you need to take in consideration that the diamond is in the middle,and there are 2 mm to each side,so always place your liner 2mm away from the marking you made for the cut.

No matter the kind of cut,always cut with the Diamond cutter from one edge to another, using a constant pressure and a continuous score line. You need to hear a constant scratching noise when you cut, to have a perfect snap with no flaws.

Use the pliers to remove the small pieces you cannot remove by hand,or any unwanted excess.

I did two types of cutting:

straight cutting with the help of a wooden liner

and curve cutting-freehand(my favorite)

Step 6: Sanding

Sand any excess glass

Step 7: Fix Copper Foil on Each Piece of Glass

Once you finished cutting a piece of glass you can fix the copper foil on it, even if you don't necessarily solder it yet.

Start by unwrapping the self-adhesive foil from its plastic band, fix it exactly on the middle on the glass, (you need to have 2mm on each side of the glass piece),and press it firmly on the glass, then continue all along the edge of the piece, carefully keeping it on the middle of the glass.

Once you reached the start point, rip the foil and press firmly on all sides with a wooden stick(I used the handle of the brush)

Step 8: Flux

Use a brush to flux the copper foil,always before soldering,otherwise the solder will not stick to the foil

Step 9: Fixing the Pieces

Fix the pieces you already cut, or do it all together in the end it's your choice

I felt it was easier for my project to fix them one by one as I continued to work on the window, but you need to see what works for you, you can also do it in the end if you are not so sure, this way you can still change some pieces at any time

Step 10: Building

Build your stained glass window piece by piece until the end

Step 11: Final Soldering

Solder all the pieces together, be careful not to miss any copper foil spot.

(Do not forget to put flux on all copper foil before soldering, otherwise the solder will not stick.)

Then turn it (do not worry it will be strong enough,even if it's soldered only on one size)and solder it on the other size also.

Once you finished wipe the window with some acetone thinner to clean all the flux from the glass.

Step 12: Final Checking

Check out your creation in a lighted window

be careful not to drop it..

if everything is cool you can fix it in the window frame

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