Introduction: Stainless Steel Washer Coasters

I am always in need of coasters because I like the wood furniture around my house. These coasters work wonders and have a fascinating industrial look to them. Pus, they are super easy to make.

Step 1: The Equipment

For this you'll need hot glue and a hot glue gun, plus stainless steel washers and a piece of felt.

I found my washers at my local TSC store. They sell washers such as these in bulk by the pound. Other hardware stores get expensive because they sell by the piece.

Step 2: Layout, Glue, and Cut

First, layout your washers on the felt in a pattern you like. Then, piece by piece, put a dot of hot glue on a washer and press firmly into the felt.

Note: felt is permeable. It is best to lay a piece of wax paper under to protect your working surface.

Once all of your washers are placed, use scissors to trim the edges.

Step 3: How to Use

Keep these in storage or display them on a table!

Whenever you want to set your drink down, put one of these under it.

Coasters are particularly important for wood furniture. Glass has a tendency to "sweat" when it holds a cold liquid. This "sweat" puddles on the nice wood finish and leaves a ring. Coasters prevent that. With these industrial looking ones, you'll be the talk of the next party.