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It started one day when i need to have some light in my stairways and i looked on different solutions and didnt find any suitable choise. most of them was led and modern looking lights but not suitable for my stairways.

I decided to make my own ligth that is customized for my stairway because i have 6 meters from floor to celing in my stairways.

I wanted to use the Edison Light style when i started to think of different ideas. The problem is that its high to the celling and i needed a lot of lightbulbs and a lot of cable.

Well here is my recepit for that light design

Step 1: Material and Tools

It was not so many different components but it was a lot of cables to get track of.

Here is the material list:

  • 25 meters of black electrical cable 2x0.75 mm2
  • 7 Light sockets
  • 7 Light bulbs ELGO edison edition
  • Shelve 30x30 and has a hollow inside (IKEA LACK 30x26 cm is an alternative)
  • Electrical Connection box
  • Power socket
  • Power switch

Tools used:

  • drill
  • cutter pliers

Step 2: Start and Finish

So now i got everything i needed so i did a calculation on how many lights and distance between them

I end up with 7 lights all on different distance from the shelve the distance between every light is about 80 cm

So the first drawing of the solution was with 7 holes in the bottom of the shelve and all cables coming out on the backside where the 2 metal pins going in the shelve (as seen on the drawings)

Now i started to drill the holes on the bottom of the shelve (do not drill all the way trough, just the bottom layer and remember to have a smaller drill than the cable so its can hold the lightbulb from its own weight)

After i drilled all holes i run trough all cables in the holes so you can adjust the length of all distances.

I mounted the bracket for the shelve where it should be mounted and made the fine adjustments on the length of the cables before you tighten everything up.

No just cut all cables and connect them to the connection box so you have 7x2 cables in and one cable out to the switch and the power plug.


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