Introduction: Standing Floor Lamp

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I went shopping with a friend of mine , and we seen in some designers store this cool good looking lamp shade on tripod.

It costs 300 $$$ - Soo Fuc&%^ing expensive!

I thought to my self , no sir , i want one , but i will build it !

So , you know the rest of the story , i build it ! and it came aweasome!

Enjoy it

Step 1: Wire Fence

Buy a wire fence

I bought two fences.

One was thick , and the other was a bit smaller ( in the diameter of the holes )

The big net would be the internal one , and the gentel net would wrap it

And on top of it i would wrap it with a black nylon

Step 2: Cutting the Inner Net

Measure the desired size , and Cut it ( Use gloves , since you can cut yourself )

This step i`m cutting the big net

Step 3: Cutting the Outer Net

It`s much easier to cut it , since it very light and not strong as the inner net

Step 4: Continue to Cut

Cut the edges of the net , so the lamp wont cut people

Step 5: Continue to Cut #2

Continue to cut - using special scissors

Step 6: Attache the Internal Net

Attache the internal net using long ( 12 cm ) wires

Step 7: Wrap the Inner Net

Wrap the inner net with the outer net and attache it using the long 12cm wires ( iron )

Step 8: Smooth the Edges

Smooth the edges using a Dremel tool so you wont cut yourself

Step 9: Wrap the Lampshade With the Black Fiber Net

i bought strong fiber net , color black.

Cut it according to your desired size , and start wrap the lampshade.

I needed to wrap it a few times in order for us not to see the metal net that is within

I had to glue the black net using hot glue -it`s clear color and strong

Step 10: Add White Paper Inside the Lampshade

Since i want the light , to reflect and be seen from all sides ( up and down also )

I added a cardboard paper (color white ) to the inner side of the lampshade.

Step 11: Cut the Leftovers of the Net

When i wrapped the structure using the black net , there were leftovers.

So you need to cut it with scissors

Step 12: Buy Wood Legs

Went to a wood shed , and bought 3 wood legs and a couple of additional woods for the looks

Step 13: Start the Build Process of the Tripod

Think about the height of the lamp that you want it to be.

since it would connect to the lampshade in the middle of it ( center ) so take it into consideration when you cut the boards

Step 14: Connect the Boards Together

I didn`t know exactly how to connect the tripod legs together

I sat and sat , and searched the house for something that could help me.

And then i found it ! some old 10x5 cm bin i had lying at my closet.

So i took it, and connected using long bolts the tripod legs

Step 15: Drill in the Middle of the Bin

Drill in the middle of the bin in order for you to put inside the bulb housing.

Step 16: Create Angles

Create angles in order to connect the tripod to the lampshade.

This was quite a tricky part, since i had to find the middle of the lampshade and to make sure that the tripod legs wont be in some incorrect angle.

It needs to be steady , and firm.

So i placed the lampshade on the floor , above it i flipped the tripod and placed it in the middle of the lampshade.

Than i measured the distance between the tripod and the lampshade.

Step 17: Add Strength to the Tripod

I want the tripod to be stronger, but not only.

I wanted it to be better looking than just 3 standing legs.

Soooo i went a head and bought lots of stickes from wood ( 0.8 mm thick ).

First , measure the exact distance between each leg of the tripod.

Make sure it`s the same distance between each leg ( since we want the stickes to be the same size )

Drilled the tripod legs the diameter of the stickes ( 0.8 mm)

Step 18: Glue the Sticks to the Tripod

Use Elmers glue for wood.

the best.

Step 19: Add Duck Tape to Make It Srong

Duck tape the tripod till the glue dries off, than remove it

Make sure all is alined using a leveler

Step 20: Add Switch

So you can turn it on or off :)

Step 21: Finished !

All done!

Came out great !

Lots of work , but very fun project.

Hope you enjoy it