Introduction: Star πŸ’« Bright Rainbow 🌈

These are the instructions to make a water πŸ’§ color rainbow 🌈 painting πŸ–Ό.

First, get your supplies.

You will need water color paint, water, paper, and paint brushes ( whatever size appeals )

Step 1: Red Stripe

Get red paint 🎨 and make a stripe across your paper πŸ“ but make it so it looks like you’re looking at an angle. You can make it so it looks thicker on one side but not on the other side of the rainbow 🌈

Step 2: Orange Stripe

After you put the red stripe on your paper πŸ“, you put the orange stripe under the red stripe.

Step 3: Yellow Stripe

Now you put a yellow stripe under the orange stripe.

Step 4: Green Stripe

After you put on the yellow stripe, put a green stripe on.

Step 5: Blue Stripe

After you put the green stripe on, put a blue stripe under the green stripe.

Step 6: Purple Stripe

Now after you put a blue stripe on, put a purple stripe under the blue stripe.

Step 7: Pink Stripe

After you put a purple stripe on, put a pink stripe under the purple stripe. Done!

Step 8: