Introduction: Star Lord Kids Rocket Boosters

About: Father of 5 kids, been doing crafts and costumes for a few years now. I had a little break for a while but back in the fold again now. I'm an engineering Technician by trade and love to create.

Rocket Boosters for Kids Star lord costume which can be seen here Star Lord

Step 1: Materials Needed

One Pack of Eva thin foam

One A4 foam board

Foam Egg

Pack of Kids Bubbles

2 x 9 Volt batteries and connector

2 x Switches

18 Red LEDs

Soldering Iron

Silver and grey Spray Paint

Step 2: Cut Out Your Base

Step one Design and Cut out your base for the rockets

I did a quick template of the basic shape. To be honest I didnt want to over complicate this as its going to be part of the whole costume and wont et that much attention. Also I learned quite soon on that because if was my son the proportions of the actual rocket booster design would look too large on his leg and the actual boosters would touch almost touch the ground.

With this in mind I shortened my boosters somewhat.

I cut out my template 5 times from the A4 board and glued them together

I covered it in the thin foam then cut out the space at the top for the switch and hole at the bottom for the LED

Finally at the back cut out the area that will house the 9 Volt battery

Add your ladder design at the front using the Foam

Step 3: Creating the Rockets

Basically you have to do this 4 times . Once for each booster.

I cut out 4 Strips of Foam , cut out notches in two of them at the bottom

I then hot glued the foam around the empty bubbles tube

in the pictures i inserted extra pieces at the bottom, these became a pain to keep and paint later on and where removed.

Next put a hole at the bottom of the tube and another on the side for the wiring.

Cut off the bottom from the polystyrene egg and hollow out the end for the LEDS

Step 4: Wiring Your LEDs

There are 9 LEDs in use for each Booster . 4 in each rocket and one on the base as an indicator.

Insert your switch into the hole you created earlier in the base.

Wire your 9 volt positive terminal to your switch .

Insert your LED into the hole in the base you created earlier

The negative terminal to the negative of the Base LED

Wire your switch to the positive of the Base LED.

Insert your 4 LEDs into the polystyrene egg wired in parallel - Test to make sure the LEDs work first

solder a positive and negative wire to the LEDs and feed through the hole at the bottom of the rockets and out the hole in the side - Repeat for the other rocket.

Finally solder your positive and negative wires from both rockets to the positive and negative of the initial LED.

Again Test using your switch that everything works

Step 5: Put Everything Together

Finally , glue both the rockets to the base on each rocket making sure all wiring is at the back.

fix the wiring down using some hot glue to the back of the base. Dont worry about covering the back as this will be against the boot and out of view.

Next we mask off the LEDs and switch and Spray paint the boosters Silver

Next mask out alternating strips on the boosters and the ladder feature and spray these Grey