Introduction: Star Trek Communicator Pin/Badge With Audio

Hi Guys,

so this is my very first instructable and also English is my second language so – you know... bear with me.

A while ago I was invited to a SciFi costume party. To get a good costume mix and to prevent more than one Jedi knight we all met up two weeks earlier. Everybody had to put a differend SciFi character into the character pool and had to draw blind on of the suggestions. I got “Star Trek Guy” – which was pretty easy and not that spectacular. I won’t bore you with details, simply: I could not find a halfway decent communicator pin with audio support under 50 euros. So I tried to assemble one myself...

Step 1: Materials

  • magnetic Star trek Pin
  • Magnet
  • Shim
  • FLIC – Bluetooth Button
  • Android Smartphone
  • Instant glue

I already had all the material at home from other projects, except the pin of course, which I bought on amazon for 10 euros. I just found out there are more than one instructables to built one yourself - I particulary like this one from TheGeekPub.

The only expensive item (not counting the Smartphone) is FLIC – which costs about 25 euros on amazon. If you want you can also use any other android based remote control which is about 5-10 euros. It will take a little bit longer and its not going to be as elegant as the FLIC version...

Step 2: Flic, Smartphone and Audiofiles

First you have to download the software from the google play store, activate bluetooth and connect the flic button to your smartphone. Just click “add flic to phone” and press the flic button and it is connected.

Now select the new button, select “click”, select the category "music" and add “Play a Sound”. Choose the audio file you want to play and save the action.

If you don’t have any audio files yet, try this page:

Repeat the whole process to add a audio file for the actions "double click" or "hold".

Step 3: No-Flic-Work-Around One

As mentioned before the flic button is quite expensive. You can also use an android remote control like this one and save some money.

In that case you have to install the free app “macrodroid” while having another coffee and start a new macro with the folowing triggers:

  • "connection" -> "bluetooth device connected" and select the remote control
  • "device settings" -> "unlock screen"

Step 4: No-Flic-Work-Around Two

Now add three actions in that order:

  1. "Media" -> start audio and select the file you want to play.
  2. "Volume" –> change settings to 1 level down.
  3. "Device settings" –> activate lock screen

Save & activate the macro and you are good to go.

Things you should know:

  • only press the top button of the remote control
  • if the button is in standby, your smartphone will need some seconds to connect and play the audio file.
  • if the button is connected, you can not use your phone.
  • the button will disconnect automatically in 10 to 20 seconds of inactivity

As I said: cheaper but not that sleek.

Step 5: ​Pin Assembly

Basically you just glue everything together:

First put some instant glue on the shim and press it on the flic button (or android remote).
Then put some glue on the star trek pin and press it on the other side of the button.

Step 6: Wear It With Pride

The magnet is placed beneath the shirt/jacket/uniform and the pin obviously above the shirt. If you press the button once your smartphone will play the first audio file, press twice, second audio file and press & hold for a while and its gonna play the third audio file.

Have fun :)

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