Introduction: Star Wars Clone Trooper Suit

Hi I’m 13 years old and I made this clone trooper suit all by my self with a bit of help from my parents for the materials to make this.
1 ,1/2 inch foam mat (Armor)
2, 3 card stock poster paper (for helmet)
3, hot glue gun (for everything)
4, scissor
5, spray paint /paint (white ,blue)
6, mod podge /white duck tape

Step 1: Make the Body

I recommend to do each section first like do only the Chest plate then go to the other parts.
1 You first have to print out the outlines to it (
2 Then you Trace and cut it out EACH SECTION
3 Hot glue the pieces together

Step 2: Make the Legs and Arms

Print out the templates for the Legs and arms. I did not make the templates
In the picture, the bottom parts are the arms and the top are the legs.

Step 3: Make the Helmet (hard)

You need to print out the template on the card stock poster.

*This is the hardest part of the project.

You should start from the top. Hot glue them together piece by piece from top to the sides down.
After that, you put white duck tape to make the frame stronger. You can mod podge it to make the effects.

After the glue is dry, you can color it with a blue sharpie pen.

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