Introduction: Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp

I was in the thrift store when i saw curling irons for 1.00 and this project popped into my head.

materials needed:

old lamp or lamp parts

curling iron

dremel rotary tool with all purpose cutting bit and a small drill bit

small hacksaw

super glue (gel kind)


any misc. pieces you might want. I used old LED's and screws

Step 1:

Take the stand wire off and keep it and the two pins. Take out the two screws holding the handle together and discover that it wont come apart. Cut the settings ring with a little hacksaw and set to the side. Cut off the cord and use the dremel with a all purpose cutting bit to "hog out" the area inside the red circle. Now the end will come off. Set it to the side.

Step 2:

Remove the screw at the top and keep the top piece for other projects. If the iron is smooth, your good to go. If it has brushes like mine did, they slide right out. Might be useful for something else, dunno. Now pull the heating element out of it and you will have to stick a large screwdriver into it and use a hammer to knock out the plug at the end.

Step 3:

You should have this now.

Step 4:

I got this from an old umbrella. You could also use something else or make this out of pieces of something. I was throwing it away when i realized that piece would be useful for this project.

Step 5:

You will find that inside the handle there are a few obstructions. Use the dremel to cut them out. You want to have a tube that the lamp rod will go through.

Step 6:

Paint everything however you want.

Step 7:

Glue the buttons back in where they go. Cut the LED's off the circuit board and glue them in where they go.

Take the inside piece and flip it upside down and glue it in.

Step 8:

Glue the handle back together. Use gel super glue because there is so little area to glue, the liquid kind will make a heck of a mess. Glue the bottom on and the ring back where it goes.

Step 9:

In these two holes i glued a LED and a screw from a ceiling fan kit.

Step 10:

Now glue the iron part into the umbrella part. (or whatever you have or made)

Step 11:

Glue the blade assembly to the top. You now have a lightsaber!!

Step 12:

Drill two holes in the bottom cap the size of the pins. Insert the pins and attach the clip. the clip is springy and will hold it together by its self. I apologize for the lack of pictures on this part but it was an after thought to add this. The finished product will show it and i think you will probably figure it out.

Step 13:

You can use the rod from an old lamp or buy one at the hardware store. If you need to cut it, screw a nut onto it and then a second so it is right where you want to cut. They will lock together and give you a stable guide to cut with the little hacksaw. Then unscrew them and the should fix any thread damage you may have made.

Step 14:

Screw the rod to your lamp base, push the wire through to the top, attach your bulb fixture and when you screw that on, it will lock your lightsaber into place. Add a shade and plug it in!

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