Introduction: Star Wars Lightsaber

This instructable on how to build a STAR WARS LIGHTSABER with stuff you can find at home

PLEASE NOTE: sharp implements will be used please contact and adult for help

By using this instructable you relinquish all liabilty

Step 1: Stuff

you will need

1.toilet paper rolls



4.good scissors (preferably titanium)

5.glue crazy glue or hot glue gun


7. paint paintbrush something to put paint on

Step 2: Now to Cut Open the Can

stick something sharp in the brim cut it off

use scissors to cut down the middle

cut off the bottom brim

clean it

fold it into a cylinder shinny side out

attach to first tube use glue to attach metal pieces together

attach tube to top

Step 3: Tube Then Paint

attach tube with duck tape till desired height is reached

then paint it as you want

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