Introduction: Star Wars Pins

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Make some boring, plain photo pushpins into sweet Star Wars pins for your bulletin board in the office!

Step 1: Get Some Round Metal Photo Pushpins

Go to a local store and check their office supplies area and you will probably find these. If you can find multicoloured ones that those will work much better. I didn't have multicoloured ones available so I used the metal ones.

Step 2: Get Some Sharpie Permanent Markers or Paint

I chose to use permanent markers to create my designs. If you have time you could use paint and make more detailed designs. Sharpies or paint should stick to most metal pins. I tried to rub the marker off but could not.

Step 3: Find a Design

I chose to do Star Wars designs since the new Star Wars movie is out. You could do any design you want. You can find these on google images. Here are some in case you have trouble finding them.

Step 4: Start Drawing!

I did my drawing freehand but you could create your own stencil. Be careful not to smudge the marker when your drawing. To make it easier you could pin them into a box or onto a bulletin board for more stabilization.

Step 5: Now Your Done!

From left to right on the bottom picture is: Jedi Order, Death Star, Sith Empire, Rebel Alliance, BB8, And R2 D2

Now you have some awesome Star Wars themed pins for your bulletin board!

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