Introduction: Star Wars: Rebels Sabine Wren Diy

Let me tell you how to make Sabine Wren's costume who is very bad ass. This is actually my costume this year! (2015) I have loved sabine from the start and it is also going to be my comic con costume too! (Tucson's) I made this with the help of my older sister which who is a all out star wars geek. The things that you will need will be listed below.

- acrylic paint

- pvc sintra

- velcro

- stormtrooper helmet

- fabric glue

- super glue

- heat gun

giving credit to ----------- for the idea

Step 1: Step 1: Drawing

So you got the materials GREAT after doing a ton of research about the armor you need to find the shape and draw it out what I did was sketched out one side cut it then did the other side it's that easy. :)

Step 2: Molding the Sintra to Your Shape (shoulders and Chest)

The molding is pretty simple just get it to your shape so just heat it up and you are done. So you basically just put the heat gun up to the part that you are heating and basically just mold thats it.

Footnote: this is how I did it because we ordered too little at first to do the whole body sadly but we made it work for just the chest and the shoulder pieces.

Step 3: Painting the Sintra! (chest and Shoulders)

so get out your acrylic paint! You are now going to paint the sintra. What you do is pull up a pic of Sabine and start doing the best as possible.

Footnote: Sabine has two different versions of her outfit, myself personality I like the season one armor better besides I like the the season one armor I do like some things about the season two. Well that's why I picked the season one version of her armor.

Step 4: What? You Used Velcro? (Chest and Shoudlers)

Ok so the next thing I did was put on the velcro to the sintra pvc. So I just bought the strip velcro at the store and attached with glue that's all I did. On the shoulders I put two strips to keep it on the shoulders.

Footnote: As I said before I did the season one armor. :)

Step 5: Wait the Helmet Is a Stormtrooper Helmet?

Ok what I did for her helmet is did a Stormtrooper helmet that looks like a piggy bank but it is not that you can get at target. So anyways I colored it exactly like a stormtrooper but over one eye I colored the phoenix (rebel symbol) rising symbol.

Footnote: I did a stormtrooper helmet due to the time and the helmets are too expensive to buy. Due to the fact that her helmet is so unique.

Step 6: What About the Rest of the Armor?

The rest of the armor is the same steps as the previous armor pieces I did. but to attach it to the actually I had problems with this part. the knee and elbow I suggest elastic it might work I don't know but just try!

So basically that's it.

Step 7: Additional Items?

Yeh her spraypaint things and her holsters and don't forget about her wester.... 35 guns and gloves and boots.

Ok so her spray paint things, foam would probably work remember I did not have time to do these because so many things are needed and everything. Next her holsters if not trying to do professional grade I would just use a belt and just use something that is the same color and everything to make it. and her guns either you can buy a replica and just paint it to her or use foam or something.

gloves I used princess gloves that I bought for halloween a couple years ago but you can use long tight on the body but not tight enough to cut of circulation, of course, gardening gloves.

Step 8: So Whats the Point of All of This DIY?

So I did this DIY because there are not many Sabine Wren Diy out there and I was like I'll do one and I liked doing this it was fun and everything and wearing it was definitely rewarding and everything. I would love to do things differently and everything. :) Have fun wearing it!

Step 9: Thank You To.....

My sister

And if you vote for me in the Halloween Costume Contest!

ALSO thank you to all of those who view this DIY!

Thank you to everyone who support me in anyway by viewing, voting for me, help me make this costume, and above all the creators of this contest and the judges.

Thank you!

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