Introduction: Star Wars Miniatures Wall Decoration

Show off your spaceship miniatures, or as a unique gift to a Star Wars fan.
The idea is to show off your collection in the same was as a classic butterfly collection.

Step 1: The Material

- "Ribba", a frame sold by IKEA
- Two miniatures
- Black paper, scissor
- Distance and screws

Step 2: The Mounting

I found that spacers used to mount a motherboard in a computer case was perfect. The diameter fits perfectly in the hole under the miniature.
Cut the black paper to size, use the back of the frame as a guide.

Step 3: Finishing

Drill 3mm holes through the paper and the back of the frame. Use your good judgement to decide where to place the holes. In my case I placed the miniatures slightly high up to leave room for labels.

Step 4: Finishing

Two Star Wars spaceship was perfect for this frame. You could use other Hasbro miniatures, and/or build a larger frame to show of you entire collection.
In the future I will add labels below the spaceships.