Introduction: Starball - a 16 Strip Woven Ball

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This is a 6 strip woven ball interleaved with a modified 10 strip ball. The larger ball in the picture of three is a 6 strip ball interleaved with a regular 10 strip ball. The multi colored one is from the Instructable 10 strip woven ball by Yorkshire Lass. The in modified 10 strip ball the criss cross between the pentagons that make up the star points are not made allowing the center of the pentagon to collapse. In the starball the 10 strips are held in place by the 6 strip ball.

Step 1: Materials

A 6 strip ball for the background color and 10 strips that will show as stars. A good width to length ratio is 1 to 22 if the two colors are the same width. Add to the length to allow for overlapping at the ends to tape them together.

Much shorter than 1 to 22 and the strips do not lay flat around the ball. Much bigger and holes open up. The two colors do not have to be the same width but need to be the same length. When using different widths you will need to adjust the size ratios of the strips to make it look good .

The best material that I have found is plastic banding used for strapping pallets. I get it from shipments that come in where I work, but many stores throw tons of the stuff away. The reason I like it is because it is stiff but flexible and slides easily over itself when weaving the strips in. I can push it in from the far side of the ball with one hand while guiding the weave on the near side with the other.

Step 2: The 6 Strip Ball

I will not give instructions for the 6 strip ball here. See these Instructables How to Weave a Greek Paper "Football" by Jenifer F. ( picture 1) and Origami Juggling Ball by jabapyth (picture 2). Jabapyth's ball is as tight as the 6 strip ball will go. To add 10 strips to it they would have to be narrower (about 2/3). I also wrote an Instructable: 6 Strip Woven Ball - an Alternate Method (picture 3) which begins with connected rings rather than making a flat star pattern. There are also videos on youtube under sepak takraw ball making.

The thing to notice here (picture 4) is which way the strips in your ball overlap. The arrows show the crossing of the strips from under to over in a counterclockwise direction around the pentagon. It can be done the other way but it will be a mirror image of this one.

Step 3: Add the First Strip

The 10 strips go between where the 6 ball strips cross. They go underneath what will become the center ring. Start the first strip at any crossing and pull the strip to the other side of the pentagon and push it through the right crossing. Each strip will be tight up against the apex of the pentagon as shown by the green arrow when we are done, but for now it can be loose.

Step 4: Add the Next Four Strips

Start the next four strips in a similar manner as the first. Notice that we are starting each strip around the center ring at every other crossing where the center ring crosses over top. It should look like the third picture when all five bands are started.

Step 5: Weave the First Star

Take a one strip and push it forward over the two black strips that are on its left and then under the top white strip of the 6 strip ball. This time it will cross to the left side of the pentagon.

Take the next strip to the right and push it through in a similar manner, then the third strip to its right as well. The fourth strip is already under the first black strip we put in. Push it through much the same as the others. The fifth is under two black strips and needs to be brought up to go over the second two then under the top white 6 ball strip. Check the pattern to be sure each strip goes under two and over two as they cross to form the first star.

Step 6: Continue the Weave

Bring each strip forward and tuck it under the white strip that crosses the center ring. It goes through the criss cross between where we started the black strips. Then continue to pull it forward until its opposite end is close the the center ring. It will look like picture two when all five are done.

Step 7: Prepare for the Second Star

Repeat step four. Bring each strip up into the pentagon opposite the first star.

Step 8: Complete the First Ring

Continue with one strip as in step 5, over two strips and under the white crossing strip of the 6 ball. Then pull it further until it is over the center ring and tuck it under its other end to make the first black ring.

Step 9: Complete the Second Star

Repeat with each of the other four strips working around in a counter clockwise direction. When you get to the fifth one it may be helpful to use needle nose pliers to pull it up through the center of the second star.

Step 10: Start the Sixth Strip

The sixth strip goes in underneath the center ring and over top of the other black and white one below it. It goes under the next black band to the right. Then goes between the two white bands that make up the crossing of the 6 strip ball. It continues under the next black band. And then comes up over the next.

Step 11: Start the Seventh Strip

The seventh strip also starts under the center white band, but at the pentagon where the sixth one stopped. It weaves through in the same way - under the next black strip, through the white criss cross, under the next black strip, and over the next.

The fourth picture shows a way to guide the band to the correct spot while pushing it in from the other side. I'm pressing down with my thumb the band I want the new strip to go over as I push the other end into the ball.

Step 12: Start the Final Three Strips

The final three strips start the same as the seventh one at the place where the last one stopped. The picture shows the first star to the left and the center ring slightly off center to the right.

Step 13: Move the Strips Forward

Move a strip forward under the next white band. Push it through the gap between tthe next black ones. It will go over two then under two. Keep pushing forward going underneath until it reaches the center of the next pentagon. Pull it up through so that it pokes out a bit as shown. Do the four remaining strips the same way.

Step 14: Push the Strips Through the Next Criss Cross

Push each strip forward through the next white criss cross stopping near the center of the next pentagon.

Step 15: Last Step

Pull each strip across the pentagon so that the ends over lap over the white criss cross on the far side. Flex each end and tuck it into the center of the pentagon to complete the star. Continue until the starball is complete.

This last step can be done by sliding each of the last five strips forward and backward while threading the ends into the center of their respective pentagons. This may be preferable depending on the material you are using if you are have trouble with the strips folding when putting them in.

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