Introduction: Stargate 3D Model

With my husband we are great fans of the Stargate series and I thought it would be fun to repeat the ancients' job.


  • cardboard
  • fine filler
  • white glue
  • hot glue
  • glass bead (half sphere, kinda)
  • varnish, matte and glossy
  • acrylic paint
  • white gesso
  • sand and moss paste

Step 1: Gate's Body

Cut 6cm radius circles cut out from cardboard, three pieces.

Take one of it and cut out a 4cm radius smaller circle from the inside.

Stick the together with white glue.

Step 2: Chevrons

Chevrons are made from cardboard circles, triangles were cut from these. Three different size and shape. Glued layered on each other and then glued all the nine to the gate's body.

Step 3: Dialer

The dialer has two piece of 1.8cm radius circle cut from cardboard and the third layer is 1.5cm, glue them together.

The base is two piece of 1.5cm cardboard squares glued together and the upper layer is pressured to form a triangle to give the angle for the dialer.

Step 4: Terrain

All floors are two layer of cardboards.

The sand like terrain consists of 6.5cm by 14.5cm rectangles. The ramp's first floor is 4.5cm by 5.25cm. The smaller second floor is 2.5cm by 3.5cm.

Step 5: Priming

All surfaces are covered with fine filler to primer them and the event horizon base structure is also done with it. After dry cover with a layer of white gesso to fill up the small cracks and errors.

Step 6: Coloring


Outer ring of the gate's body painted with light grey and then with a really diluted dark grey paint layer, but erased back with baby wipes. This gives it a nice stained pattern. And then painted the all the glyph to the inner ring.

Event horizon

Taking a dark blue paint and starting from the outside of the circle and as a gradient diluting with more and more water I've got a much lighter tone at the center on the white background. To add the clear white spots in the center I used white paint and my fingertip.


The button is a half sphere like shaped glass bead. Its back is painted with orange metallic paint.

The dialer's first layer is dark grey, after it dried using diluted antique copper paint I added a new layer, but this is erased back with baby wipes.

At the end the glyphs are hand painted with black and a really thin brush.


As the absolute origin is a desert world the first floor of the terrain had to be covered by sand. So sand paste is added to it for the texture and golden sand paint with a small added dark ivory. The second and third floor is sand brown and then dark grey wiped back.

Some moss paste is added to make the whole look a bit more ancient.

Step 7: Assembly and Varnish

All parts are assembled with white glue and hot glue as the gate is kinda heavy (of course, since naquadah is super dense).

Everything is covered with two layers of varnish. Matte used on all, but glossy on the event horizon.

To be continued...

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