Introduction: 3D All Music Wall Clock

For the birthday of my father-in-law who loves music and plays a bunch of instruments I wanted to create a wall art decoration and also a clock to make it functional too.

There is an easter egg on it, can you spot it? :)


  • cardboard
  • a clock mechanism
  • white glue
  • heavy body gel
  • pastel chalk
  • stencil for the n
  • black gesso
  • napkins
  • clay
  • embroidery yarn
  • hemp rope
  • half sphere beads
  • acrylic metal paints
  • music notes (laser cut wood)
  • varnish

Step 1: Create the Base

Take some bigger cardboard and draw the shape of the guitar and then cut it. Do this four times for the body and twice for the handle. Glue the layers together with white glue and put some weights on it to stick them together.

Step 2: Make the Slot for the Clock Mechanism

Grab your clock's heart and put it at the place you want to have it, then draw the outlines. To cut out the shape use a very sharp slicer and often try how you are progressing to achieve the right depth.

Step 3: Join the Guitar Parts

To assemble the two parts it is better to cut out a rectangular shape and then glue the parts together.

Step 4: 3D Texture to the Base

To add the whole surface a nice 3D feeling, put napkins dipped into mix of water and white glue and let it dry before the next step.

Cover the whole with black gesso and let it dry again.

Step 5: Add the Strings

From the hemp rope add the base lines for the guitar.

Take some thin cardboard (breakfast's wrapping is fine) to add the base of the strings.

Then add the long hemp ropes for the strings.

Step 6: Numbers for the Clock

Take a white paper and cover it with the pastel chalks for the background. To do it, grate a very small amount from the chalk and sprinkle water to it then use a brush on it.

After it dried use a stencil to paint the numbers. Glue the beads with the heavy body gel on it and cut around.

Step 7: Add a Music Sheet Decoration

Use the embroidery yarn for the lines behind the music notes and then glue the notes above it.

Can you tell what tune is this? :)

Step 8: Add Clay Decorations

Using clay that dries on the air use some molds to form the small decorations that are glued to the guitar.

Step 9: Add Final Colors

Cover all the decorations with black gesso.

Using three different metallic blue acrylic paint and with dry brush technique paint all the surface.

Add some white gold finish to the strings and the music notes using your finger.

Add two or three layers of varnish to the whole.

Step 10: Assembly the Clock Hands and Numbers

Glue the clock mechanism and the numbers and hang it on the wall.

You can add some contrasting color to the clock hands if black is too dark.

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