Introduction: Starter House

This is a Starter House in Minecraft. I go ("thoroughly") through the steps of making this cute house!


The main thing, is: Logs, Planks, Stairs, Doors, Glass Panes, Furnaces, Torches, A Shovel, A Bed, and A Form of Chests.

Step 1: Base

Four, four high pillars with a four block gap.

Also, add a floor.

Looks like this.

Step 2: Walls

Add a wall, and make room for windows.

Plus, add two doors.

(Edit: see that back window? Yes. The one I’m standing in. The top two blocks, you want to replace with wood. The bottom two blocks, keep it as it.)

Step 3: Roof (in Progress)

Start to build a roof. (It will look better soon!)

Step 4: Roof (done)

Finish the roof. (Still looks bad... I promise, it WILL get better!)

Step 5: Add Depth (1)

Add 2 wood planks to your build on the back and front. Add 2 glass panes on the front, 1 block down that you placed those 2 blocks. Remember, to only put it in the front.

Sorry if it's confusing!

Step 6: Add Depth (2)

Next, add stairs, and hang them over the side. Then, place upside down stars to add depth. Remember, to do that on both sides.

The pictures, are key.

(Told you it would get better! :D)

Step 7: Path

Finally, add a cute path.

If you don't know how, use a shovel. Right click on GRASS blocks. Only works on grass! If you don't wanna get a shovel, you can go into your creative inventory, and grab Path Blocks. This only works in creative.

Step 8: Decorate

Add glass to your windows, and... DECORATE


Add chests,


a crafting table,


and a bed.

Step 9: Done

you're done!

Step 10: Back Window

See the back window? See how it’s a 2x2? Change it to a 1x2. Replace the top 2 glass blocks, with planks. Now, really done. Thanks for reading!