Introduction: Steamed Bun Roses

These pretty colorful steamed buns are a fun way to brighten your breakfast table or tea time.

Step 1:


500g White flour

2Tbs Sugar

1 instant yeast sachet

50gm butter

1-1.5cups warm milk

vanilla essence.

food colors

Step 2:

Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and knead well to a firm dough.

Keep aside for an our or two till the dough rises to almost double its size.

Beat the dough to release all air and then knead again.

Divide the dough into portions and knead each portion with food color to get the desired color.

Step 3:

from a single colored portion cut the dough into small balls around the side of a lemon.

Roll out the dough balls into small circles - not too thin.

Or you can roll out a large sheet and cut out circles with a circular cookie cutter.

Place these circles overlapping slightly at the borders over each other

Step 4:

Place these circles overlapping slightly at the borders over each other.

From the last circle start rolling in the circles till all the circles are rolled up.

With a butter knife cut vertically the the center of each roll.....voila! you have 2 roses already.

Step 5:

Follow the same procedure for all the colored portions. You can also mix up colors to give shaded roses or rainbow roses.

Step 6:

Add water to your steamer.

Grease the steaming tray and place each rose in it carefully allowing enough room at the side for them to expand.

Put the lid on and steam.

I use a microwave steamer which takes exactly 5.30 minutes at 850W.

After the steaming is done allow the vessel to cool and open up. remove the buns.

Bon appetite!

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