Introduction: Steamlight Pharo

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Hello Everybody
This is my second Steampunk projekt the "Junophopr -steamlight -Pharo".
It´s a small lighthouse in the stampunk stile.
It works with a very small electronic which I have replaced from a decoration ball with changing colours by three LED.

Step 1: Parts in Details

I used several copper stuff from the plumber as you see, some brass screws, a wodden hand made box (by my own, as a carpenter I am) and a special brass socket E-27 from a big bul called: "centra-beam"-bulb.  There is also some copperwire  4 mm in the diameter and other parts of electrical stuff like brass  "Lüsterklemmen" needed.

Step 2: The Optical Parts

To hold the lens in front of the lantern, I took an  keyholding ring placed the lens in and fixed it with the "Lüsterklemmen" (sorry I don`t know the right translation).  The reflector is made of an old tea spoon

Step 3: More Details of Construction

Step 4: Start the Light

When you switch on the light it starts the sequence with green, changing to red, then it pauses (the blue ligth is shining in the box) and starts agin with green, just like a real Lighthouse signal.