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Introduction: Steampunk Cheese Slicer

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Cheese slicer made with two pieces of pipe, wire and some screws.

Step 1: Materials

Find two pieces of pipe and cut to desired lengths. One for the handle (thicker), and one for the wire holder (thinner). Some screws, washers, stainless steal wire and a piece of rounded wood.

I used a piece of copper pipe I had laying around and another from a broken wind-chime.

Step 2: Handle

Grind down a piece of wood into a circular shape just a bit larger (and slightly cone shaped), than the diameter of the handle. Using a hammer, force the wood inside one of the sides of the handle being careful not to damage the pipe and cut off the excess wood with a hacksaw. Next, using a grinder, grind off excess wood and shape the end to accommodate the thin pipe.

Step 3: Wire Bar

Gently secure the thin pipe in a vise and drill a small hole at the center all the way to the other side. Next, drill one side a bit larger to accommodate the head of a 2" long screw. Next, drill a small guide hole in the center of the wooden plug on the handle.

Step 4: Attach Wire Bar to Handle

Drive a 2" wood or drywall screw through the wire bar and attach to handle firmly. Next, drill a tiny guide hole (through the pipe only) on each side of the handle and insert two tiny screws. These are to prevent the wood from sliding out of the handle. Next, re-tighten the wire bar screw and gently grind down the head until almost flush with the bar. Also, use the grinder to tapper any sharp edges of the wire bar and handle.

Step 5: Attach Wire

Drill two small holes at the top of the wire bar (one at each end).

Note: I happened to have a spare replacement wire from a broken store-bought cheese slicer which made attaching it a bit easier for me. (Perhaps they can be purchased:

Insert a screw at one end and if necessary, using a small disk grinder, make a small slit on the screw head and also on the sides of the pipe. At the other end, attach one end of the wire with a screw. Next, stretch wire across the bar, over the screw slit and around the end of pipe. Drill a small hole at the underside of the wire bar and insert a screw with two small washers three quarters of the way in. Stretch the wire again over slits and once around the underside screw between washers and tighten. Finally, drill a tiny hole on side of handle to attach lose end of wire with tiny screw. (see photos)

Step 6: Start Slicing!

Wash your new slicer and get slicing! :)

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    6 years ago

    Nice idea. Just to finish this off I would make wood plugs for the ends of the pipes to stop stuff getting in, easyier to keep clean. Polish the copper and apply a thin coat of wax to keep shine on.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Yes, not a bad idea.

    I just might do that... thanks for commenting. :)


    8 years ago

    Hello Gregory Grookett here this looks cool going to have to try it sometime. Thanks for posting.


    Reply 8 years ago

    Thanks, glad you liked it. Every single cheese slicer I've ever bought has broken... so I thought I'd make my own. Now time will tell if it lasts. :D


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No problem I like to see great ideas. I have plenty that have broke as well.