Introduction: Steampunk Gun

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Before and after of how I turned an old broken "disk shooter" into my awesome steampunk gun.

Step 1: Paint

I used a combination of spray paint (Hammered Copper) and hand painted acrylic (gold and silver).

Step 2: Find and Assemble Parts

I found all kinds of gems in my garage! I used an old level which I removed from its plastic casing. I glued that inside a copper piece I found at Lowe's. I wanted to hold that in place with this copper bracket, but it looked I just made a piece out of Sculpy and painted it to match to finish that off.

Step 3:

Stripped some wire to get to the copper. Wrapped a bunch of it around an empty thread bobbin that I had spray painted.

Step 4:

Used 2 old sewing machine bobbins which I held in place with a small spring. I put an old broken meat thermometer between that...because it looked cool. Haha

I then wrapped more of the copper wire around all of that so it looked like it all functioned together.

Step 5:

Found what I'm assuming is a hose nozzle and glued it to the front. Then to finish it off I glued on some decorative pieces. Found those cute gears at Hobby Lobby!

Step 6: Make It Glow

As a final step the night of Halloween, I plan on filling this clear Christmas bulb with green glowstick juice and water...because it will be awesome. The piece on top is from the costume jewelry department at Hobby Lobby.

I'll update this with a final pic after Halloween.

*UPDATE* Unfortunately I got very busy on Halloween and never got a chance to finish this, I'm sorry. :/

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