Introduction: Steampunk Razor Scooter

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This actually started a few months ago with an email to Sherry Huss at Make: magazine. I did not want to participate as a maker, but I wanted to bring some kind of transportation. I asked her if I could bring some kind of "transportation device" and she replied to me with a yes so long as I sign the required waiver. Woohoo!
I started out with the idea of a segway type thing made out of old power wheels, but I didn't have the parts or money. So I took a look at the Razor scooter sitting in my shed and thought to my self: "That looks like it needs steampunked." So 2 days ago I disassembled the scooter to see what could be done. I had no particular plan, so I got out some brass and black spray paint and had at it! Half way through I started thinking about that foot rest on the back. It looked like a good mounting bracket and I thought: "Well, this is a steampunk scooter, why not play some classical music?" I went and got a simple amp I had built out of scraps a few years ago and took off all but one speaker. I then added a battery hookup and a power/volume switch. Then I realized the battery would probably die real quick. Well, I happened to have a solar panel with a lead acid battery from a solar electric fence. The tin on the back is actually an old christmas cookie tin, and the black brackets holding it are modular shelving brackets. Nice how much junk helped out here. I may add a candle headlight in the future to add to the steampunkishness of it. Hope you enjoy it!