Introduction: Steampunk Wedding Place Cards

Here is a great idea for place cards for an upcoming wedding. While these place cards are made in a steampunk theme, they could be adapted for almost any wedding

Step 1: Cut the Background of the Place Card

Start by cutting out the backing of the place card.

These place cards have two pieces of backing to them The first piece is a neutral color which is 2.5" by 4"

The second piece is from paper from an old dictionary which is 2.25" by 3.75"

Step 2: Create/Cut Out Stampings

The next step I did was cut out all the additional pieces of the place card

1. The wheel - I started by tracing the top of a small lid and then cut the inlets.

2. Stampings - I first stamped the stamps on a neutral piece of paper then cut closely around the stamp

3. Front piece - I cut out a small neutral color piece for the front to create a place to put the name tag.

For all the pieces I wanted raised off the background, I glued a small piece of foam to the back.

Step 3: Assemble Pieces

The next step was to take all the pieces and assemble them.

I used a craft glue stick and rubber cement to assemble all of my pieces.

The craft glue was used for the paper to adhere and the rubber cement was placed on the foam.

Step 4: Add Grommet

My next touch was to add a grommet to the top piece.

I started by punching a hole into the paper

Then I inserted the grommet, and crimped with my grommet crimper.

NOTE: Be sure not to crimp the grommet too hard. It may cause the grommet to cut right though the paper.

Step 5: Add Name

Finally I added the name

I decided to hand write the name, but it is possible to print the name and cut them out to size.

I am very happy with how these place cards were able to come out.


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