Introduction: Steampunk in Wonderland, the Interactive Necklace

About: I like Making computer art. I see beauty in junk. Where others see a sewing table I see a charging station. People saw old motherboards, I made a Led lamp. I like creating. Hope you enjoy my creations

I had some spare parts laying around and I thought this would be a good idea. Me and my kids made this as a family project so be nice :)

This is interactive for the reason that the glass are interchangeable. Meaning that you can have them on or not.

The smile looked like the Cheshire cat and the different sized eyes looked like the mad hatter to me.

With the the extra parts I had, I decided to make steampunk googles for the face.

None of the pictures looked like the real life enough. In other words I didn't like them for the cover photo, so this picture is of the charm as I was making it.

Step 1: The Parts

I wanted to use the motors from hard drives for a project so the first pic is from there. Then Instead of cord or chain, I wanted to use something I haven't seen used, and be in the ballpark or my normal art and projects.

So I used heat resistant wire from a flat top stove with connectors and clips on to the charm

Lastly I had a pair of earrings I was gonna use for a steampunk project but I thought this would be a good one to do

Step 2: Disassemble Some Earrings

We disassembled some earrings we got from clearance from Claires

We kept the blue ball pieces and made googly eyes for the crazy

Take the earring part and put it aside. We are going to use these for the optional glasses

Step 3: Assemble the Glasses

I took some copperwire from the head of a hard drive assemble the glasses as shown

I painted them gold afterwards

Step 4: Attaching the Wire

I took the connectors and soldered them to them back of the face.

This makes the wire open from the front instead of back, I thought this was a neat idea.

Step 5: The Base Necklace

This is the base you should come out with.

You can stop here if you want. I like the necklace like this, just decided to play around and make some glasses for him :) my Kids like it

Step 6: Finished Product

I couldn't get a good picture of it, but hopefully you can see. This is pics with and without the glasses on him. Real simple I added a gear on it, and a coil on the other. It's removable so this is just for extra fun

Step 7: Get You Charm Put Together

Just assemble as shown, I used cable wire from a wall hanging cable to attach them all together

Step 8:

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