Introduction: Steel Cutlass

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This is my first instructable so any constructive criticism  will be valued. Almost every do it your self-er has some steel conduit lying around and if you don't it is pretty cheap. This sword is not going to be "battle ready" at the end of this instructable. You would have to consult another instructable involving hardening steel for it to be strong enough for anything. So unless you harden the blade its just a wall hanger.

-steel conduit (around $5)
-dowel  the same diameter as the pipe (about $3)
-1 1/2''x12" sheet steel ( $8 for a full sheet)
-some thing to wrap the handle (leather paracord etc.)
-small diameter bolt
-washer about the size of the pipes diameter
-small nail

-Hack saw
-saw for wood
-a pipe bending tool (don't know the name feel free to post)
-drill press (with a drill bit the size of the pipes diameter and one the size of the bolt)

Step 1: Step 1 - Planing

I'm  lucky enough to have this seemingly endless roll of paper so i decided to sketch out my design onto the said paper. remember the blade's width is determined by the the circumference of the pipe (it can only be half the circumference) the over all length of the sword should be around 28" (71cm) for the sword to be of historical accuracy it also makes the blade balanced.  

Step 2: Step 2 - the Easy Part

You want to measure out the actual length of the sword factoring in the blade curve (my pipe was about 29"(74cm)long).then you cut the pipe with the hacksaw hopefully you are lucky enough to have the whole hacksaw not just the blade.

Before you bend the pipe you have to cut the dowel to the length of the handle and use the mallet to hammer it into the pipe.

Then you bend the pipe in the pipe bender to the curve of your drawing make sure you bend in more than one place to give it a more natural curve.

Step 3: Step 3 - the Not So Easy Part

Now you want to flatten the pipe into a sheet with the hammer making sure to hit both sides flat. also to make the sword stronger try and make the pipe into a sort of triangle.

Step 4: Step 4 - the Hilt

This is where you need to use the drill press
using the drill bit that is a little bit smaller than the pipe drill close to one end and 2" (5cm) from the other end
bend so it fits comfortably.

Step 5: Step 5 - the Hilt Continued

Now slide the hilt on and drill right under where it sits
If the Hilt is lose try welding it if you don't have a welding torch just push the Hilt up the shaft and drill the hole it should be a fairly snug fit
twist the bolt into the hole and attach the nut on the other side
Wrap the handle in paracord or leather (i used suede it is a lot softer than paracord)
After you add the hilt feel free to use a file and sharpening stone to give it a edge

Step 6: Ending Product

If anyone wants to know how i made the sheath please comment and I'll get right to it

Step 7: