Introduction: Steel Rose Sculpture

In this intractable you will learn to make a steel rose sculpture from start to finish.

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:

- 2 sheets of 22 gauge sheet metal

-steel rods: 3/16 and 5/16 inch

-metal cutters

- torch

- vise grips

-grinder (hand and table)

- Beverly sheer

Step 2: Drawing

After you have collected your materials, you will need to make your paper drawings as well as cad drawings. These drawings will be for cutting out stencils to have to trace onto the sheet metal. As far as size, it depends on how large you want your flower to be.

The first step I took in my drawings is, I drew out some rough dimensions of circles to get an idea on how large I wanted my flower petals to be.

-2'' diameter for the small petals.

-1.5''diameter for the medium petals.

-3'' diameter for the large petals.

Next, I drew them out in CAD.

- I started with drawing out one petal and then I copied the petal in a circle pattern around a center point to make the stencils you see in the pictures.

After drawing them in CAD, I used a laser to cut the stencils out into thin cardboard (like a cereal box).

Step 3: Tracing and Cutting Petals

When you have your stencils cut out, then you can trace around them on the sheet metal and use the metal cutters to cut them out.

(Be VERY careful when cutting in between the petals.)

Step 4: Making the Rose

- take your cut out petals and drill holes in the center of them

-cut 12'' of the 3/16'' rod. and use a table grinder to create a taper that the petals will fit on to.

-layer your petals from large to small on to your rod. Then use the torch to heat up and bend the remaining rod that is showing over to keep the petals on the rod.

-heat up the petals and bend them upward. after petals are bent upward, shape them as desired.

Step 5: Making the Leaves

Making the leaves is a similar process to making the flower petals. Start with creating your desired size and shape of leaf in a CAD program. Then take your CAD drawing and laser out your drawing into card board, creating your stencil. Then trace stencil onto 22 gauge sheet metal and cut out.

-grind leaves to get rid of any coating or rough edges.

-use chisel and hammer to create vanes onto the leaves.

Step 6: Making the Butterflies

Repeat CAD stencil process, as well as grinding to get rid of any coating or rough edges. Continue with the following once you have your desired butterfly wing size and shape:

-Cut a 1 inch chunk off of 5/16 inch steel rod. This will be the body of the butterfly.

-Grind the ends to round off the pieces or steel rod.

-Spot weld the wings together.

-Spot weld the wings onto the the butterfly body.

Step 7: Making the Spiral Rods for the Butterflies and Assembly

-Take a foot and a half long section of 3/16'' steel rod.

-using a tool shown in the picture and a torch, slowly heat up the rod and bend it around the pole.

-copper wire can be used to wrap around the steel for added detail.


once all of the pieces have been created, weld them onto a base. Bending them into place once welded onto the base.

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