Introduction: Step-by-Step: How to Draw Kirby!

Intro and Materials

Whether you recognize this adorable little guy or not, today I'll be instructing you on how to draw Kirby! This cute character is simple yet satisfying to draw, so he's great for beginner artists or for anyone who just feels like drawing!


  • A sheet of paper (any kind)
  • A writing utensil (pencil)

Step 1: Step 1: Round and Round!

To start off, simply draw a circle in the middle of your paper. This will be Kirby's body, on which we will draw everything else.

Step 2: Step 2: Blind No More

Now we're going to add his eyes. Draw 2 long oval eyes towards the middle of the circle, just like the eyes on a human face. Make sure they're not touching and are an appropriate distance apart. We don't want Kirby to be silent all his life, so we're also going to add his mouth while we're at it! Simply draw a curve similar to the letter "U" below but in between Kirby's eyes.

Step 3: Step 3: Handy Details

After drawing his eyes, you can now fill in his pupils with the color black; we don't want his eyes to be empty.

You can also give Kirby his signature blush by drawing slanted ovals on his cheeks (or instead of ovals, you can do small scribbles, whichever works for you.)

Now, we need to give Kirby a hand here, so lets draw his hands. You simply want to draw half ovals on the left and right side of his body. These will serve as his chubby but powerful hands!

Step 4: Step 4: Shoes!

Since Kirby doesn't have legs, we'll draw his shoes! Similar to his hands, draw a pair of ovals towards the bottom of Kirby's body to represent his feet. Draw his feet facing away from each other so his stance looks more natural.

Step 5: Step 5: He's Here!!

After adding color to his shoes with your pencil and erasing any unnecessary overlapping lines, you've finished!! Kirby is now drawn and can continue to protect Dream Land from all baddies!

Step 6: Practice Makes Perfect!

It's completely okay if you're not satisfied with your result, as no one is perfect at drawing! Even as simple as Kirby is, you can still make mistakes and that's okay. Just practice and practice and eventually, you'll be able to draw anything you'd like with ease!