Step by Step: How to Make the Letters V and P Out of PVC Pipe

Introduction: Step by Step: How to Make the Letters V and P Out of PVC Pipe

Make the letters P and V out of PVC pipe and PVC connectors

Step 1:

Step 2: Collect Your Materials

Gather your materials:

Letter: V

90 degree elbow connector
2 pieces of 4 inches of PVC

Letter: P

1 T- connector
2 90 degree elbow
2 45 degree elbow

2  1 inch PVC pipe
1 2 inch PVC
1 4 inch PVC
1 5 inch PVC

Step 3: Step 1: 'V'

Take one of the 4 inch PVC pipes and stick into 90 degree elbow.

The elbow should be placed in such a way that it acts like the vertex

Step 4: Step 2:"V"

Repeat Step 1, by placing the other 4 INCH PVC into the other outlet of the elbow

Step 5: Step 3: "V"

Your final product should be a a "v" and look like it does picture below

Step 6: Step 1: "P"

gather materials

Get the T connector and connect the 4 inch PVC into the bottom outlet, as pictured below

Step 7: Step 2: "P"

Then insert the 2 inch PVC pipe into the outlet directly above the bottom one, as picture below

Step 8: Step 3: "P"

Place the 90 degree elbow onto the 2 inch PVC pipe

Step 9: Step 4: "p"

Then place the 4 inch PVC pipe into the other outlet of the 90 degree outlet, as pictured

Step 10: Step 5: "P"

place the 45 degree elbows onto the 4 inch PVC, and then you will add the 1 inch PVC into ANOTHER PVC the 45 degree elbow

Step 11: Step 6: "P"

Then take the 1 inch PVC and place it into the 45 degree elbow and the 90 degree elbow, as pictured

Step 12: Step 7: "P"

Take the 5 inch PVC and attach the 90 degree elbow with the side outlet of the T- connector

Step 13: Step 8: P and V

Both your P and V should be complete :)

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