Introduction: Heart Necklace (made Out of Staples)

A heart shaped necklace made out of staples. The bracelet will include 10 hearts and 10 links.

Step 1: Step 1

Step 1

Gather materials:


Arrow T50 3/8’’ Heavy Duty- these staples are needed because you can shape them with the pliers without the pliers breaking the staples.

Step 2: Step 2

Take a staple and pliers. Place the plier on the edge of the staple and turn hand out so that you straighten the staple out

Step 3: Step 3

Repeat on the other side of the staple. The staple should be straight.

Step 4: Step 4

Place plier at the end of the staple. Turn hand inward, wrapping the staple around the plier. The plier should create a loop that doesn’t completely touch the part of the staple that is flat. Leave space for linking hearts.

Step 5: Step 5

Repeat above steps to the other side of the staple.

Step 6: Step 6

Create 10 links by using the above directions.

Step 7: Step 7-15(creating Hearts)

Step 7
Take the pliers and create the loops, similar to creating the loops for the links

Step 8:

Step 8

Using the technique of wrapping the staple around the plier; you want to close the loops of the heart. The tighter the loop up again the plier the better!

Step 9:

Step 9

Take the staple so that it is facing straight up and put the pliers on the top and the bottom of the staple.

Step 10:

Step 10

Close the pliers together to close the hook and create a loop

Step 11:

Step 11

Do the same to the other side of the staple

Step 12:

Step 12

The staple should look similar to links, with the exception of the hooks being completely closed, loop like.

Step 13:

Step 13

Place the pliers in ⅔  of the flat part of the staple. Then bend one side of the staple, which will bring the two loops together so that they touch each other. Your thumb may become sore, so you can use the table to bring the two hooks together.

Step 14:

Step 14

Repeat the above steps 10 times

Step 15: Step 15(assembling the Bracelet)

Step 15 assembling the bracelet

There was room left between the hook and the flat part of the staple when creating the links. Take the link and hook it through one of the heart loops.

Step 16:

Step 16

To get rid of the space, close the hook, similar to how you closed the heart loops, by placing the pliers on the top and the bottom of the staples

Step 17:

Step 17

Push down so that the heart and link are permanently linked together.

Step 18:

Step 18

Continue linking, alternating between heart and link.

Step 19:

Step 19

For the last link, you shouldn’t close the hook, so that you can take the bracelet on and off