Introduction: Stick Home

Hi ,

I am Chandni Mauriya ,

From Kaggalipura Makerspace DEFY.

Today i am going to show how to make home by using ice cream stick

Materials what we are going to use for making home is


Ice Cream Stick .

Gum or Glu gun

Step 1:

Take the ice cream stick and start fixing it in this way.

We are going to fix it in the box way up to 12 sticks.

We will built the 12 boxes like this.

Step 2:

After making the boxes let it to dry .

After getting dry fix the one box to another in this way.

It should be fixed in this way.

After fixing it .It would look like this.

Step 3:

Fix the other boxes in the same way and let it to dry.

After getting it dry they will be 3 homes if we look . Fix the one box to an other like this make it like the rooms

and the home which is pending fix it on the top of the other two and let it to dry.

Step 4:

After finishing fixing the home to one another. when its completed fix the other boxes to right hand side so it looks like the steps and on the left side a stand which we made by the rest of the boxes.

Her is our home completed .

which is made by ice cream sticks.