Paper Flower

Introduction: Paper Flower

paper craft

paper flower

Step 1: Introduction

Hi ,

I'm Chandni .

From kagglipura nook DEFY,

Today I'm going to make a craft from a paper

Which will look a flower

Step 2: Materials

The things what we need to make flower is .

Materials .

Colour paper





Step 3: Draw

Draw a petals on the color sheet and cut it as the petal .

Which may look like a petal .

After that take a needle and thread .

Step 4: Attaching the Petals

Take the the needle and thread and stitch it to one another same as whi the flower

Take to make it as the flowers

Step 5: Flower

Here we are done with it it's look like same as the flower

And the last step the Pearl place the Pearl in the between wit the help of the gum

Now we r done with it here our paper flower is ready .

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