Introduction: Paper Umbrella


I am Chandni Maurya

From kaggalipura Nook DEFY

Today i have been going to make a simple paper craft which can been used to decorate our its just an paper umbrella , which is very easy to make and looks good

Step 1: Materials


Materials required to make Paper Umbrella are.

Color sheets .



Bending wire

Step 2: Folding the Sheets

Here we are going to cut the sheets in small round shape .

And fold it first from the center which may look like half circle .

Then next we are going to fold the half circle into its half which look like one fourth part of the circle .

And next take the bending wire and round it a small part on the top ,And then bend the wire into half circle from the end of the wire

Step 3: Joining the The Pieces

Joining the pieces to one on the other and that to from the side which the is not going to open after joining it take the bending wire and place it in the between , Place the wire as the round which we made it in the wire should be on the top and the half round in the down , After fixing it slowly spread the the and make it round .

At last try to spread the the gaps between the paper to give the shape .

And here we are done with it