Introduction: Stick Anythings Into Any Video Footage W/ Camera Tracking(BASIC)

Motion and camera tracking are commonly used in CG effect in movies. Learn to do a realistic and simple VFX with my instructables. You can paste any thing you want into any video footage : Vector graphics, jpg, .png... or even video and 3D Object(Maya, Cinema4D)

Step 1: Things You Need


Just a PC or Mac have enough power to run the software.


1.After Effect

better to have CS6 or above, CS4 and CS5 is still fine.

2.Mocha or Boujou (optional)

If you have trouble with the After Effect Tracking Function.


1.Footage any video footage supported in format.

.mp4, .mov..(I found my footage on Youtube)

2.Object that going to put into the footage

I found my vector graphic from Creative Market

or any supported format in After effect.

Step 2: Setup for the After Effect

Add a new Composition.

It need to match your footage frame Rate and resolution.

Step 3: Track the Camera Motion

  1. Select your footage
  2. Click "Animation" in the toolbar and select "Track Camera"

And wait...

Time depend on the frames and the performance of your computer .

3.Hold Ctrl or Command on Mac and select at lease 3 Tracking Point that are perfectly tracked.

4.Right Click on the mouse and select "Create Solid and camera"

Step 4: Replace the Solid Layer With Your Graphics

1.Find you picture, select and hold Alt, drag it on to the solid that we just created.

2.Press the 3D layer logo 7.Press "P" on the keyboard and set the best Position for the image.



Step 5: Final Touches

Color Correction the object to make it look better.

Adding Curves:

  1. find "curves" on the effect panel.
Normally on the right side.

2. Adjust.

Material Option and more:

We will do it in the advance instructable

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