Introduction: Stinging Nettle Cookies

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In our family these cookies are also called ‘Einstein Cookies’ because they are in a way ‘brain food’ – very supporting when you have to some works that needs your full concentration, like learning – for example. This is because the are really energy loaded ‘snacks’ including lots of natural mineral supplements and active fatty acids. Best of all: very easy to do!

Step 1: This Is All You Need

2 TS stinging nettle seeds, roasted if you like
150 g oat flakes (oatmeal)
50 g cane sugar (sucrose)
50 g buckwheat flour
140 g butter
1 TS lemon juice
1 finger twist salt
1 finger twist galangal (spice ginger), or more

Step 2: Mix All Up

… like this!

Step 3: Make a Block, Prepare Baking Plate

Step 4: Divide Block in 16 Pieces, Place on the Plate

Step 5: Bake for 8-10 Minutes With ~180°C / ~360°F

Done! Eat. That’s all :-)