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I like all those classic board games playing while hanging around at the beach … but also always ‘hate’ struggling around with all those tiny pieces, taking care for nothing got lost and will be back home again …

So I had one day this idea
Place all the boards on a bath towel, make it big, so you can use at least ‘everything’ – you can find at the beach or in public baths – as a game figure and: I did it, indeed!

The making procedure
For designing the boards and the complete towel I used Adobe Illustrator (a vector designing pro app), made a PDF of the complete final towel design and generated a JPG in Photoshop. I think, for now there is no sense in describing the designing process in details … BUT: I provide my original files here, so you can use them as they are or you can edit with your preferred app(s) and make your own version out of it – Voilá!

Then I uploaded the JPG on such a typical photo-service platform (providing several individual photo-products) – they did the printing on the towel and a few days later I could use it after washing/cleaning before my first use. That simple it was and now it is – for you! Enjoy and have fun! Following you’ll find a little presentation of the sections of the Multi-Game Towel … :-)



  • ORIGINAL _ Multi-Game Towel _complete 150 x 100 cm.pdf
  • ORIGINAL _ Multi-Game Towel _complete

Use the PDF (~370 kB) for generating a specific sized JPG in Photoshop when you know how to do, or:
use the zipped JPG to upload directly to your Photo-service (after unzipping). The original size is 10630 x 7087 px (~11 MB). ( zip-file does not work at the moment – I will check later, sorry! )

Step 1: Section: LUDO

… yes, you can use ‘everything’ as game figures!

Step 2: Section: MILL

Step 3: Section: TIC TAC TOE

Step 4: Section: DAME

Step 5: Section: KALAHA

Step 6: Section: DICE

… stay away ~1 meter and throw a stone or something like that or just let it fall onto the towel … ;-)

A tip for using the dice:
Make some rules before playing how to do and how to count – for example: When the stone is laying at least on 2 or 3 fields you should have made it clear before how to count … just for precaution :-)
Rules could be: – The stone thrower can choose which number counts …

Step 7: Have Fun and Enjoy Old Board Games Everywhere!

… would be nice to hear from you (photo!), if you use my multi-game towel files! THX!

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